Is Sex Really That Important in A Relationship?

importance of sex relationship

What is your relationship status?

Are you a virgin?

How many times do you have sex in a month?

You have to go through these questions in your lifetime, majorly in the first part of your life. There is no objection in answering these questions but who is asking them creates an objection. There are surveys held where women are asked about this subject so as to prepare a general public awareness data.

But yes, sex is really important in a relationship.


Let us have a few reasons as to why sex is so important to keep a relationship intact:

  • When you are in a relationship, physical attraction takes you together long way. It brings in a feeling of togetherness between the two which helps them to connect unlike any other.
  • As per a sex therapist “When everything goes well in bed, you feel more confident and powerful in other parts of your life”, this is enough to get motivated.
  • It makes a relationship more positive and open. Once you share your bodies you tend to become more close and comfortable with each other which in turn helps to open up and feel positive about the happenings around.
  • Sex more than a physical activity is an emotional bliss. It keeps the romance alive in both the partners. Oxytocin also called as the love hormone is released at the time of sex which makes both the partners feel trustworthy and you will know that you need to love your partner.
  • Sex keeps the hormones balanced. A healthy sex maintains a healthy balance in the body. This balance helps to deal with the psychological problems like stress, depression and anxiety. You tend to fight less with your partner.
  • Sex is a form of communication between the two. Having sex appeals that you have significant love for your partner and everything is alright, despite of how life is going on.
  • Sex is also a form of exercise. It burns calories, relives you from stress and depression, keeps you in shape and all over keeps you healthy. You tend to live long if you’re having a good sex life.

Sex is important in a relationship. Not to show how much you love each other but to keep a relationship going, it is required. Sex gives you pleasure, surprise, fun and almost everything a relationship stirs around.

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So the fact is, it is a must. Live with this fact and have a good sex life. Live long, live happy.

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