How to Grow Your Penis Naturally?

grow penis size naturally

There are multiple ways to grow your penis size. It could be with the help of technology, surgeries, enhancement pills, exercises or through other natural means.

Let Us Find Out Some of The Best Ways to Pull Your Penis By An Inch Or Two:

  • Trim

Pubic hair grows and slowly takes over the penis. It is important to get rid of those while you’re up for sex. This would help in making a better communication with your partner and also your penis would appear 1-2 inches bigger.

  • Food

A healthy diet can give you a good penis size. There are food products which naturally effects the growth of the penis. Bananas is one of those foods which is rich in potassium and which initiates a better penis health altogether.

  • Stop Smoking

If you’re a smoker, you are just risking yourself. Not only does smoking have ill effects on your health but it also endangers your sexual life. A smoker is unable to fully erect its penis due to the reduced blood flow in the abdomen region. Smoking can even cause your penis size to deplete by an inch.

  • Natural Oils

Natural oils like olive oil, almond oil and lavender oil are a good option to have a healthy penis. Oils are a good supplement of vitamins and antioxidants. A massage with any of these oils would allow the tissues inside the organ to expand and give you good results.

  • Penis Pump

A water base pump is a penis enhancement tool by all natural means. When you start pumping it creates a suction which will increase the blood flow into your penis, making it harder and longer than before.

  • Exercises

There are multiple exercises which can be done in order to have a graceful penis size. It improves the blood flow level in the organ and also treats impotency. Exercising the penis has many benefits, it increase the activities of the prostate gland, gives you stronger erections and protects you from poor ejaculation. Some of the best exercises are:

  1. Stretching
  2. Ballooning
  3. Jelqing
  4. Kegels
  5. Hot cloth Warm Up


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