Does Size Really Matter?

does penis size really matter

This Question Strikes the Mind Of Every Male, But What Solution Strikes Them?

It is important for a male to know how females respond to their penis size. An average penis is 3.5 inches when flaccid and 5 inches when erect. It is true that a penis with over 6.5 inches would be more attractive than a 5 inch penis, but no one would judge you on your size and shape.

But Does It Matter?

Researchers, bloggers, scientists and doctors have had thousands of views from the females around the world. Over 95% women have an opinion that the penis size is just a havoc which is created by humans and it does not matter. The other 5% women have a little different approach towards the size. They believe that size is an important part of any relationship. While you undergo physical interaction with your partner, it is important to have orgasms one just one of those orgasms is when you compliment the full length of the vagina. This is only possible when you have a good size penis.

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It is only 5 out of hundred women who have such opinion but what really matters is the sexual satisfaction from the person behind the penis. Size of the penis makes you more attractive, it makes women more sexually aroused and it can help you with one kind of orgasm, just one.

You can always compliment the clitoris of the female vagina and an average size would work in there pretty well. When some things around us are too much, they make us satisfied and happy but bigger does not mean better. It is the heart and the vision which matters when big. It is important for a human being to actually know their worth and size of the penis cannot describe that worth.

Even Science Has Proved That the Size of The Penis Does Not Matter.

It is like a century’s old debate which has still not got a satisfactory retort. Some women say that the size does not matter, but eventually they run towards a bigger size while some has an opinion that size does matter, but they have a partner with an average size and they are pretty happy with it.

Another observation that was made is that women till they are in their 20’s are happy with any size. They do not mind if their partner has an average size rather than a big one but as per the surveys it is observed that the women in their 30’s has a lust for a bigger version. But yeah everyone agrees that “Sexual pleasure isn’t just about the dick”.

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