Permanent Male Enhancement Surgery

permanent male enhancement surgery

There are multiple ways by which a male organ can result in increased size. These could be the use of natural supplements for a long duration, use of enhancement pills which are ready to use or a permanent surgery.

To perform a medical surgery it is important to pass the following steps:

  • You should be over 21 years.
  • You should be circumcised.
  • There shouldn’t be any health conditions.
  • There should not be any previous penal surgery.

Permanent surgery is a process in which the size of the male organ in grown by medical ways. The male organ is 2-3 inches inside the body of a male which never shows up. The process of enhancement surgery is pulling the part of the organ out of the body for an increased penis size. However, permanent surgery is not recommended to a higher extent since there are possibilities of damage or lifelong consequences.

Surgery Techniques


  • Pubic Lift


A lot of human beings have excess skin in the Pubic region. The hanging skin which results in the pubic syndrome is removed from the body. Once this is done the penis is visible with an increased length.


  • Dermal Fat Graft


Dermal Fat Graft is a technique in which the additional skin is removed from the buttocks or love handles or the stomach and attach the removed skin to the penis. This results in an enlarged penis size in terms of both the thickness and the length.


  • Injections


There is a new technique which involves no cutting or stitching. An injection is infused into your body which contains collagen and permanent microspheres. Another few syringes are inserted into the penis where an area is build up under the fascia. With the help of collagen and microspheres the size of the penis increases in both length and breath.

In terms of suggestions, taking the natural male enhancement supplement is the best option to improve you sexually. 5g Male is one such natural supplement which enhances not only the penis size but also improves the testosterone levels, erection state and discharge. Since all the contents of the medicine are natural, it is a risk free affair.

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