Seriously Curved Penis – Can That Be Remedied?

curve penis

Bent penis is a condition in which the penis is not able to erect in a vertical direction, rather the curved penis when erect forms a ‘C’ shape.

A bent penis condition is also known as Peyronies disease. However, it is not a disease. A body with a bent penis is not sick, but there is a correction which has to be made in the penis so as to make a bent penis erect vertically.

How It Happens?

A bent penis is a result of repeated mild actions during sex or it could be because of a scar or plague in the penis tissues. But most of the times it is unclear as to how was it caused. The bent majorly occurs in men between 40-65 years of age.

Symptoms of A Curved Penis Condition:

  • There is a new curvature on your penis
  • There is a lot of pain involved while physical interaction.
  • There are difficulties in penis erection.
  • There is a painful bulge on your penis.

These are some serious symptoms. If any one of the symptom is affecting you, make sure you pay doctor a visit. The condition has to be diagnosed and a treatment has to be discovered.

In the observation part, the doctor would give a little stare to your penis and the areas of scar tissue which might be the area of concern. Along with certain information an X-Ray would be performed to examine the penis from inside the muscles to check for the extent of damage which has been involved with the penis.

If we talk about the healing time of the injury then there is no accurate duration of the cure. There is an improvement in nearly 18 months which is observed and some even remain for life long.

Possible Solutions

  • Surgery

If there is a bend situation since birth, then the treatment can be done only through a medical surgery. Surgery involves cutting and stitching in the penis which has a risk of impotency accompanying it. The results can be seen instantly from a surgery and if everything goes on right, you’re up for a good night again.

  • Traction Device

A penis extender is the most promising solution to treat a curved penis. It takes time to heal the scar or to act upon that scar but eventually the extender relives you from the curve. Tractions are available from 300$ to 600$ in the market. Use of these penis extenders would not only heal the penis but also cause no side effect or risk to the organ.

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