Penis Surgery vs Natural Enhancement Pills. Which is better?

Penis Surgery vs Natural Enhancement Pills

This is a big question and it strikes to everyone who is in need of a better performance and a good penis size.

However, if we compare the two techniques of male enlargement, they are likely to be very different from each other in terms of effects and efficiency.

Let us compare these techniques on different basis:


  • Ingredients


Natural enhancement pills are made of natural products which do not harm the body due to any risk or side effects. Ingredients such as ginger, ginseng, garlic and vitamins are the basic contents of a natural pill. In case of a surgery there are no ingredients involved. It is important to operate the male organ which involves certain injections infused with different chemicals and pain killers to carry on the process.


  • Time Involved


Enhancement pills are consumed everyday and with time it starts to pull out the difference. It is majorly dependent on the body and how adaptive the organ is. At an average it takes a week or two to showcase the consumption. In a surgery, the penis is operated and grown, so naturally if everything goes well a surgery requires just a few hours to grow your penis and in some days you can start enjoying.


  • Working of the Techniques


Enhancement pills are consumed everyday to make the body adaptive. Just like the omega 3 functions. Natural ingredients build up a strong system and starts building up performance. Surgery involves stitching and cutting to treat the penis and expand it. There are different types of surgeries and hence which one involves less pain is safe is the best for use.


  • Risk


Enhancement pills if natural are harmless. There is no risk involved with the natural pills in terms of side effects or physical or mental illness while surgery may involve a risk of impotency or any other physical risk.


  • Cost Involvement


Cost involved in buying a good natural supplement is 300 to 500 $ per routine, along with this you can always ask for free trial pills. Surgery however involves a lot of cost. The operation alone can cost up to 15000 $ and with the medicines and caring material it can debit 5000 $ more from the account.

As per the stats and success rate natural enhancement pills are a better option than a surgery. But yes before taking on the enhancement pills it is important to select wisely. The best in the business is the 5G Male Enhancement Supplement which helps in overall performance improvement of the sex organ. Along with penis size it also helps to gain stamina and last long and strong in the bed. It is made out of natural extracts and involves important contents for rebuilding potency.

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