How Much Can I Add To The Penis Size?

different ways to increase penis size

Adding to the penis size is not an easy task but improving the overall performance of the penis is an easy task with the invention of new technologies.

But there are ways by which the penis size can also be increased, though it might not be highly recommended;

Surgery – Increased Size 2-3 Inches

Men who are conceived with a really little penis may profit by surgical treatment, yet the outcomes are capricious. Without surgery, many will in any case have the capacity to appreciate extremely tasteful sexual connections regardless of the little size of their penises.

Complications of Surgery

  • Subsequent to protracting techniques, there might be ‘scrotalisation’ of the penis, in which the organ looks as if it’s emerging from the scrotum rather than from the stomach divider.
  • ‘Canine ears’ at each finish of the operation scar.
  • Sloughing of the skin used to increment penile length (the skin has a poor blood supply and along these lines kicks the bucket, leaving a profound, ulcerated zone).
  • After fat infusion, loss of size because of fat re-absorption.
  • Knob arrangement, if the embedded fat does not vanish consistently. The penis can be left with a disfigured appearance, with sporadic greasy knots on top of it.

Jelqing – Increased size 2-3 cms

Jelqing is an activity including over and again pulling the limp penis utilizing the thumb and forefinger, with the point of expanding erection measure. The thought is that the pulling activities will build the blood limit of the penis’ erectile tissue, purportedly bringing about expanded length and bigness of the penis.

Penis Extenders – Increased size 1-2 cms

This procedure includes putting a weight or a little expanding outline, now and again called a footing gadget, on the limp penis to extend it. Teacher Wylie says there is no clinical confirmation that utilizing weights will broaden the penis, and they may make changeless harm the penis. Be that as it may, better outcomes have been accounted for with footing gadgets.

5g Male Supplement – Increased size 1-2 inches

5g male enhancement pills are the most convenient and risk free technique to improve the penis size and performance. It has been extracted from the naturally growing substances to eliminate any sort of risk factor while consuming the enhancement supplement. Let us also see the other benefits of 5g Male supplement:

  • It improves the overall stamina to last longer.
  • It provides you with harder and strong erections.
  • It is made out of natural ingredients and hence risk free.
  • It helps in higher and better ejaculations.
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