What Are the Penis Extenders? Are They Really Worth It?

penis extenders

Penis extenders are just another form of male enhancement workout machine. Penis extenders are used to increase the size of the penis.

How Does It Work?

The working of a penis extender is on the principle of traction. It helps to extend the penis for longer durations in a similar position due to which the body gets used to the stretched part which initiates development of new cells and tissues. Once the tissues and cells start building up, penis size starts extending.

Types of Penis Extenders

  • Pulling Extenders: Pulling extenders works as natural pulling extenders. In the extender a part of it is gripped to the penis from the top. The belt of the extender is then worn over the waist which comes down to the base of the penis. These extenders can be used and worn over any type of undergarment and other clothes.
  • Rod Extenders: Rod extenders seem to be a mechanical device. It comprises of rod, spring and a noose. Rods and springs are aligned as per the force requirement in your penis. The penis is then placed underneath the noose from bottom to top and then tightens up to stretch it in a traction position.

As per the tests and researches it is found that the penis extenders are a much better option than the penis enhancement surgery. But there are quite a few ill effects of penis extenders:

  • It is easy to injure yourself while wearing the extender. If you cross the desired training time given to you, it is likely to affect you adversely. To gain results in minimal time would only make things worse. Be patient.
  • Set the extender to apply force which is required and do not over stretch your penis. Doing this would again be of no good. There would be injuries which could be even for a lifetime.
  • While you’re using the penis extender, it is important that you’re consistent with the extender. Use the extender as directed by the consultant and do not hinder his schedule. You cannot achieve it fast, it would take the desired time according to the body capacity.

Duration of the Extender Wearing

A penis extender is used according to the requirement and body compatibility. If you are using the extender for the first time, it is important not you use it for more than 3 hours a day. It may be tempting but being hurt will kill more dreams. For a beginner it is recommended to be 2-3 hours for a couple of weeks. If you are not a beginner or once you cross the beginner stage, the time increases to 3-6 hours a day. 4 hours is however recommended to be the best duration for a day.

Suggestion for You

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