What Causes a Lower Sex Drive? The Potential Problems You’re Missing

Causes Low Sex Drive in Male

When a man begins to age, it is normal for his body to slow the rate at which testosterone is produced. The resulting lower levels affect the body in several ways. For instance, a 50-year-old man cannot exercise as effectively as a 20-year-old can. Similarly, it is a known fact that, older men have a lower desire for sex than their younger counterparts. The observation reflects how differing levels of testosterone on either side of the spectrum affect a man’s capability to sustain a virile sex life. Aging, is therefore, considered to be the number one major reason why a man’s desire to have sex could decline.

Apart from aging, there are several other factors that can lower the levels of testosterone in man’s body. Some ailments for example, are known to directly or indirectly affect production of the dominant hormone in males. Additionally, the medication prescribed for a certain ailment can significantly lower production of testosterone. Other notable factors that cause a decline include stress, excessive exercise, and anxiety.  

Men are naturally secretive about their sexuality. The majority would rather continue to suffer in silence when they have a low libido problem than to have it addressed from a professional’s point of view. In the case where it is being caused by the medication prescribed for another condition, the affected man should see their physician for a change. However, most of them who land in such a scenario opt to keep silent about the matter even when they suspect the cause of their problem. Because there is no way a physician can know when a man has a low sex drive, a man risks developing erectile dysfunction if he continues ignoring harmful medication.

Several cases of low libido have been attributed to a man’s medical history. When a man is diagnosed with a terminal disease like cancer, his sex drive is likely to decline. Life changing events like being diagnosed with cancer produces anxiety. It is true that people desire sex when they are anxious because of the counter effect it induces by causing the body to relax.  However, just like alcohol or anything else that people use to overcome overwhelming emotions, having sex to overcome anxiety will soon lose its appeal. The more an individual in this situation realizes that there is little sex can change about his condition, he begins desiring it less often.

Some illnesses cause a lot of pain to their victims. Pain is not directly linked to low testosterone levels although its effect on sex drive is significant. Basically, pain can be put under two major classifications namely, physical and emotional pain. Physical pain is easier to treat using painkillers are will obviously pass away or abate after a period of time. Emotional pain however, is malignant. Excessive suffering, oppression, neglect and sexual violation are some of the factors that have the potential to cause it. When a man is in pain, either physically or emotionally, he loses his focus on sex to nursing his pain.

Research has it that, very few relationships can stand the pressuring waves of today’s life. The fact is evidenced by the high rate of divorce in the world’s societies. If a relationship is in distress, a man might develop a negative attitude to sex and especially if he begins attributing his problems to his need for a sex partner. Couples that desire an intriguing and enjoyable sex life should first strive to maintain a happy relationship. When a man is happy and in high spirits, so are his levels of testosterone.

Another overlooked factor that has such a big blow on a man’s libido is the size of his penis. There is an increasing number of men who live in doubt. When a man is uncomfortable about his package during sexual intercourse, he could end up avoiding sexual indulgences for fear of being humiliated. A man who has developed the habit of excusing himself from sexual encounters will have a low sex drive even when he has a supportive partner. There are several who reportedly witnessed a boost in sexual energy after they had successfully enlarged their penises simply because the enlargement restored their confidence in bed.  

Fulfilling sex is an important pillar of long-lasting and happy relationships. Maintaining a relationship is the major reason why men strive to keep it going even when life is at its lowest. Fortunately, there are several techniques that can be used to rejuvenate a man’s sexual energy. A few of these include exercising, supplements, and use of pleasure toys. Exercise has a positive effect on raising the amount of testosterone in the body and could therefore be implemented to rekindle a man’s interests in intimate sensations. However, exercise alone might prove ineffective where a man’s libido is precariously low.

Gynecologists support the use of penis pumps to treat erectile dysfunction and severe cases of libido decline. These devices, most of which, double up as pleasure toys, help the user attain an erection by pumping his penis in a vacuum. Note that some people have reserved thoughts about pleasure toys. If a man has resorted to using a penis pump to treat his low libido, it is important for him to discuss his decision with his sexual partner so that both can make joint adjustments to their sex life.

Supplements are a convenient and easy way of treating low libido. They have been in use for a long period of time. Some boost a man’s sexual energy by creating favorable conditions for production of more testosterone in a man’s body and subsequently, a highly charged sex drive.  Others like 5g Male work by facilitating efficient flow of blood in the body. 5g Male is special because apart from increasing a man’s desire for sex, it is beneficial to penis enlargement and can effectively be used to treat premature ejaculation. In other words, 5g Male is an all-round product for men’s sexual health. You can use it with other medication that you might be taking considered that, this product’s ingredients are all natural. 5g therefore, has a very low likelihood of producing side effects in men who will consider it.

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