How Can You Get a Bigger Penis Without Risking Your Health?

Make Penis Bigger Without Risking Health

Every time the issue of penile size is brought up, a discussion about whether the size of man’s penis affects the level of pleasure a woman can attain during sex follows suit. The truth is that, a woman can experience orgasms by stimulating various erogenous zones apart from the depth of her vagina. In fact, several of the nerve endings that cause pleasurable feelings when stimulated are closer to her vaginal opening than further inside. From experience or from reading science, the majority of sexually active men know that a woman’s clitoris is her most sensitive erogenous zone. If you can make a woman orgasm by focusing on other kinds of stimulation apart from penetration, it is unlikely that she will remember how small your penis was unless she was focusing on its size. Bottom line, how big or how small a penis is will be the owner’s problem.

Many men, when brought to sense, will agree that the size of a penis does not guarantee adeptness to a sexually active individual. However, tales of how a man with a smaller penis can thrill their partner using alternative appendages like fingers are not likely to appeal to those who are in constant doubt. Many of them who have a smaller than average size can never visualize another way out of their predicament apart from growing that additional inch.

Penile enlargement has been around for many years in which, several techniques of going about it have emerged. The methods were discovered to suit varying preferences. As it is with many health remedies, some penile enlargement methods can potentially harm a man who uses them. Below are tips on how you can get a bigger pleasure appendage without compromising your wellbeing.

Surgery, penis pumps, and supplements are three most common methods of enlarging the penis. Each one of these methods have has it benefits and downsides. Focusing on safety, some methods pose bigger risks than others. Regardless of a man’s preferences, he should be careful about the brand products he chooses. For instance, while penis pumps have a tracked record of helping men lengthen their penis, it is not every brand out there that delivers results. A man who is frustrated by the first penis pump he purchases might wrongly assume that all penis pumps are ineffective.

Below are brief discussions about the effectiveness of the three major methods that were mentioned above including the risks posed by each one of them.  

Surgery: Most experts in sexual health consider surgery to be the most unsafe method of enlarging a penis. However, that should not be a reason for ruling it out. If a man can get a highly experienced and trained professional, there are many who have gotten positive results from surgery. A few risks that are posed by surgery include the likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction and significant deformation of the penis. Additionally, as it is with many surgical operations, there are many things that could go wrong.

Few men consider surgery to be their number one preferred method of penile enlargement. The reason is that, apart from being frightening, surgery is also very expensive. It requires a lot of planning and although those who offer the service claim that results are instantaneous, it could be months before you are finally admitted to the operation room. If you would still want a surgery, research well while choosing your service provider.

Penis Pumps: Those in the penis pump business claim that exercising the penis using their gadgets offers quite a natural remedy. Unlike surgery that is so much artificial, penile exercises invigorate growth without interfering with the original form of the penis. Depending on your choice of brand, some gadgets only focus on lengthening the penis while others can be used to add girth.

With regard to effectiveness, pumps are a good consideration. However, it takes time and handwork to realize results. This technique requires that you exercise your penis daily until you get desired results. The problem is that, you will have to wait for weeks before you begin seeing an improvement in size. However, if you are also suffering from erectile dysfunction, there is a very good reason why you should consider a penis pump. Penile exercise devices are effective in treating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Before you begin seeing results in size, try focusing on treating either PE or ED as you wait for the gradual process of enlargement.

If done properly, penile exercises using a penis pump can be termed as safe. Men are however advised to exercise moderately and consistently. Some penis pumps double up as pleasure gadgets and will appeal to men who are interested in one. If you are not supportive of masturbation and the use of toys for attainment of pleasure, you could have reserved feelings about using a penis pump.

Supplements: Supplements are considered by the majority of men who seek to advance the size of their penises. For one, they are easy to obtain and use. All you need to do is buy a supplement and then use it according to instructions. The most popular supplement is a pill. Other supplements come in the form of a cream that should be applied externally. 5g male is one of the products that should top your list of candidates as you look for a solution.

It is difficult to say that supplements are safe unless you put your focus on a particular product. In our case, we can ascertain that 5g male. It is composed of natural ingredients that cannot harm or produce side effects in the human body. Some notable ingredients include garlic which, facilitates efficient blood flow in the body. The composition also has aphrodisiacs that are meant to boost sexual performance and subsequently, the man’s confidence.  

5g has been helping several men to regain their confidence by enlarging their size. Although you will have to wait for some time before results materialize, you do not have to worry about side effect and not to forget that it only takes two pills daily.

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