Male Enhancement Exercises

There are several ways by which your substance can gain power and size. It could be the use of enhancement pills, natural enhancement pills or surgery. But there is a technique which helps you pull out the strings, which is exercise.

There are several exercises which help you boost up your power and increase your sexual performance as well as increase penis size naturally. Before we discuss those workout skills, it is important to perform the pre-workout tasks:

  • Eating Habits
    If you’re a junk eater better change your line. Eating healthy is an important task in the daily routine. It also helps to initiate better exercise results because of amino acids. A regular good diet brings out a healthy posture and a body which could implement faster results.
  • Shave
    While you’re exercising it is important that you have a free access of your penis. There are no hindrance and you feel comfortable and hence shaving down is an important task.
  • Determine Your Measures
    Before you take up male enhancement exercise measure the basic aspects. The size of your penis, ejaculation time and erection time and how much are you ejaculating. Working on the aspects would be more meaningful when you see the changes in future.

Proven Male Enhancing Exercises

  • Jelqing
    It is one of the most famous exercises for male enhancement. To start with the exercise:
    Form a circle with you forefinger and the thumb. Use that circle and put it on the base of your penis. Simultaneously pull the circle up to the tip and down again to the base. This has to be performed at least 100 a day.
  • Stretching
    Just like we stretch our muscles before taking on any physical task, stretching the penis is equally important. Hold your penis in the horizontal position and stretch it back and front for 6-7 times and put it to the original place. This would keep the blood flowing into the penis rapidly and warms up the muscles of the abdomen.
  • Kegels
    The pubococcygeus muscle or the PC muscle gives support to the bladder in the male. It is important that the PC muscle is in excellent shape. Kegels help you exercise the PC muscle. This can be performed while you’re urinating. You have to stop your urine in the middle for 2-3 seconds and then start flowing again. This helps the PC to stretch and give out better results during ejaculation.
  • Ballooning
    Ballooning is an interesting exercise. To enlarge your penis it is important you perform ballooning exercise. While you ejaculate hold your discharge by holding your palm tightly over the head of your penis. This can be done 3-4 times before discharging the semen. This helps the tissues to expand making the penis size increase from the breath.
  • Note:
    It is important that these exercises are performed neatly, correctly and carefully. If done the right way, it would give you good results and performance.

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