Can You Eliminate Premature Ejaculation? Four Proven to Work

Eliminate Premature Ejaculation

If a man is having a problem with premature ejaculations, it means that they cannot hold on to their erections long enough for their partner to enjoy satisfactory sex. For a man to be considered healthy in this dimension, he should be capable of sustaining an erection for more than two minutes. In some places, an orgasm that comes earlier than four minutes into sex is considered to be a premature ejaculation. According to research annals, 30% of men around the world have had a problem with PE at a point of their lives. Fortunately, there are many remedies that can be used to treat the condition.

Four common methods that can be used to remedy PE include, using medication, employing the start and stop technique, allocating more time to foreplay, and using thick condoms for penetrative sex. The methods have varying degrees of effectiveness. For instance, using a thick condom will produce immediate results. Similarly, the start and stop takes time to master but, offers a lifelong solution to the problem. To understand how each one of the techniques listed above works, it is important to explain, briefly, the causes of PE, and the effects each one of them is likely to produce in a man.

Causes of PE: Premature ejaculation is mostly caused by anxiety. It is common for men to feel anxious while anticipating sex. Naturally, anxiety releases body hormones that enable the human body to make quick reflexes when it is in danger. Additionally, blood flows quickly in such circumstances. When a man is put under pressure while having or anticipating sex, the body, through reflex conditioning, will want to ejaculate quickly and relieve itself of the pressure.

There Are Two Types of Premature Ejaculation:

Lifelong PE begins in a man’s teenage years. Due to anxiety and unfavorable conditions for sex, a teenager might feel obliged to ejaculate quickly every time he is stimulated. For a teenager who is having penetrative sex for the first time, the new experience could be too overwhelming for him to hold on to an erection. If the teenager’s partner fails to support him adequately through this first experience, it is very likely for the young man to have repeat episodes of PE because of increased anxiety.  Lifelong PE is difficult to treat but, with persistence and support, any man can overcome it.

As the name suggests acquired PE occurs later in life. There are several things that can trigger acquired PE. One of these is a change in sexual partners. Depending on her experience, some women are capable of offering more intensified sex than others. Intensified sexual experiences quicken a man’s pace towards orgasm. Acquired PE can also be caused by underlying medical conditions like high blood pressure. Unlike lifelong PE, acquired PE is much easier to treat because it has less severe psychological effects.

The Start & Stop Technique: The start and stop technique is the most natural way of treating PE. During intercourse, a man can force himself to halt every time he feels that he is approaching orgasm. After relaxing for a few seconds, the man can then resume sexual activity until the next time they are on the verge of ejaculating. If this technique is practiced well and patiently, a man can cease premature ejaculation utterly. However, if the man is going to practice it with a partner, his sexual partner must be very supportive. An alternative method of practicing it is through masturbation. A lot of men have reserved feelings about masturbation because of the psychological effects and the shame that is associated with it. In cultures where masturbation is a taboo or an act of selfishness, using it to practice the start and stop technique is not a feasible remedy as it could produce guilt. It is important to note that when a man begins using this remedy, the first few times might be frustrating. It takes patience and a clear conscience – these might not be easy to cultivate by all men.

Prolonging Foreplay: Recalling that the major cause of premature ejaculation in men is anxiety, prolonging foreplay can be used to treat it. One reason why people intuitively indulge in foreplay before making love is to help a partner ease tension for better sexual fulfillment. By prolonging foreplay, a man can ease his tension and therefore, reduce the likelihood of having a premature ejaculation. Effective communication is needed by a couple who intend to use this technique.

Although this technique has a tracked record of being effective, it might not work for all people. Some cases of premature ejaculation are so severe, a man can orgasm during or shortly after foreplay. For such a condition, the man should consider an alternative or use other methods to complement the technique.

Use a Thick Sheath: Increased sensitivity causes premature ejaculation. Sexual stimulation on the penis is more sensitive when a man is using a thin condom or, when he wears no condom at all. Placing a thick sheath over the penis when indulging in penetrative sex will considerably reduce the sensitivity of a sexual experience. Using a thick condom is a favorite for many people because it produces immediate effects. This method can therefore be used to complement other methods and especially, the start and stop technique.

Supplements: Users can use 5G male supplement to prevent premature ejaculation as its include ingredients like garlic expand the flow of blood in the body & boost sexual performance, delay erectile dysfunction.

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